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The Sounds of Silence - Building in Peace and Quiet

February 20, 2013

Sound will play a key role in the coming decade as aging baby boomers look to home building materials that block unnecessary outdoor noise. An aging population, combined with the economic reality of smaller lot sizes, government regulations forcing intensification, as well as the increasing prevalence of attached homes and condominiums means that the need for effective sound barriers from neighbours and neighbourhood noise will only increase.

Do You Hear What I Hear?
Every municipality has different regulations - defines “noise” as unwanted sound, and its acceptable level is typically a personal preference. However, there are several elements that determine one’s response to sound. Our perception of noise is affected by factors such as our mood, time of day, background noise and our expectations.

Standards for Managing Sound
There are a number of ways to assess building materials for their ability to manage sound:
1. Sound Transmission Class (STC)
2. Outdoor–indoor transmission class (OITC)

Noise Reduction Building Tips
For construction industry professionals there are a number of ways to reduce outside noise, improve quality of life and increase property values for your home or condominium buyer. These include:
1. Use the high SCT (Sound Transmission Class) and Outdoor–indoor transmission class (OITC) rated products. Make it a habit of asking about sound ratings when choosing building materials, and work these sound ratings into your marketing materials...   - Sally Moore

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NUDURA Insulated Concrete Form structures act as an effective sound barrier, filtering out unwanted noise, dampening sound vibrations from unwanted outside noise creating comfortable working or living spaces for occupants. NUDURA ICF structures create the ultimate in building comfort. STC rating of 50*

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*Based on a minimum 6" NUDURA form concrete core thickness in accordance with NUDURA installation procedures.

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