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Are ICFs the New Trend in Construction?

by NUDURA Blogger | Apr 25, 2016

Architects are always looking for ways to combine energy-efficiency with efficiency of OMAN House - HCT Winnersbuild. ICF applications are a great way to combine the two across a number of different verticals, from schools to churches to custom homes and a variety of commercial applications. Our recent experience speaks to the value of a client group that is aware of the benefits of ICF and insists that it be used in more applications.

The condominium market in Kitchener and Waterloo, Canada – not far from NUDURA’s home base in Barrie, Ontario – has turned to ICFs in order to assemble these structures as quickly and energy efficiently as possible. As a result, this market has made ICFs a mainstay in their building decisions – it has more ICF buildings per capita than anywhere else on the planet.

Other factors, such as the safe construction, disaster relief and more, are also helping to drive other markets towards increased adoption. Building owners are realizing that ICF construction can help ensure that operational costs into the future are not going to be leaving them in the dust.

Architects are looking for that now because of increasing codes in Canada, US, EU Passivhaus in Europe is becoming an extremely well-known standard. Looking to ICFs to ensure overall efficiency of the building is met is becoming more and more commonplace all the time.

Still, the industry struggles with awareness and misconceptions that this is a new building trend, especially in the commercial market.

Click the video link to see how NUDURA ICFs are being used for an addition on a older home:

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