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NUDURA a Driving Force Behind Net-Zero Schools

by NUDURA Blogger | May 30, 2016

Not surprisingly, the educational sector is a major market for ICF construction due to the energy-related benefits of the systems that can help greatly reduce this number.

NUDURA systems have frequently been specified by leading architectural firms across the U.S. and Canada, such as Sherman-Carter-Bernhardt Architects (SCB) of Louisville, Kentucky. The firm used NUDURA ICFs for an elementary school project in Warren County, Kentucky, and was impressed with the energy savings performance, which reduced energy consumption to approximately 38,000 BTUs per square foot per year.

DSC_0016 copy

Motivated by this success, SCB wanted to use ICFs to attain LEED Platinum rating for its next project, nearby Richardsville Elementary School. The NUDURA system used for the exterior building envelope of the $12.1 million, 550-student, 77,466-square-foot helped the school become the first Net-Zero school constructed in the U.S. The energy analysis on the building came back at approximately 18.2 kilo BTUs per square foot per year – nearly a 75 percent reduction in energy consumption from the typical U.S. school!

“We’re seeing a savings of millions of dollars in energy costs,” state Rep. Jim DeCesare said of the net-zero schools concept developing across the nation in a 2012 Bowling Green Daily News story about the school. School boards are asking for NUDURA systems to help achieve these types of cost savings in their buildings.

When the school first opened in 2010, NUDURA President and CEO Murray Snider and members of our sales team toured with DeCesare and other local leaders, as students led tours and demonstrations throughout the building to the value of a school that has a renewable energy source on site which produces energy and feeds to the utility grid.

To learn more about Richardsville Elementary School, visit  to see the video.

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