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Welcome to the Case Histories and Certifications of ICF’s blog by NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms. Here you will learn about some of NUDURA ICF projects from the past as well as the certifications of NUDURA insulated concrete forms. Be sure to check back regularly!

Overcoming Roadblocks

by NUDURA Blogger | Sep 19, 2016

Unfortunately, there are still some speed bumps slowing the adoption of ICF. On the residential construction side, tract builders are accustomed to using wood framing, and will continue to use it simply because it’s the method that’s driven the North American psyche for years.

It can be difficult for some builders to take on a job without seeing the immediate 12 to 15 percent profit they are accustomed to with a wood framed built house.

We realize it’s not going to be an easy fight, simply because tract builders want to net an immediate profit. ICF technology does demand an investment upfront for the client, but the energy savings on the backside more than convinces them it was the right decision.

With building owners throughout both residential and commercial sectors are driving the agenda, we have noticed a gradual increase in adoption of ICF technology over and above wood framing, and anticipate that trend continuing through the years ahead.

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