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Do People Still Care About LEED?

by NUDURA Blogger | Dec 19, 2016

In 2016, do people still care about LEED, or does the bottom line drive their decision making?

In a word, yes.

Coming out of the 2008 recession, many architects and designers may have said that the bottom line is the only thing they concerned themselves with. The further we go down the path of building compliance, however, energy compliance, government buildings, NUDURA systems are being requested more and more frequently. Still, we recognize that the days of greenwashing are gone.

Any respectable building product manufacturer knows there’s no way that any system

can boast claims that it will save or attain a certain number of LEED credits or points on their own. It is up to the architectural team to be able to synthesize the product combinations together to make sure that happens.

At the same time, there are many ways that NUDURA ICFs can help an architect or engineering group achieve their LEED status. Over 57 percent of the product is made from recycled material (mostly from the webs). So, from a resource standpoint, we do contribute to that aspect of LEED, as well as the building’s air tightness.

To what degree ICFs can affect LEED point attainment is determined by the architectural team. However, the systems are able to save significantly on the energy and efficiency credits that are provided under the LEED system, as well as material resources.

Whether or not a point of attainment is achieved in terms of sustainability, the bottom line is how the architect’s interpretation of holistic design and the application of ICFs allows it to work in conjunction with others.

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