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Six Ways ICFs are Green

by NUDURA Blogger | Apr 25, 2016

NUDURA is green in a number of ways. Here are a few of the reasons why NUDURA ICF is an environmentally innovative material to use in your buildings:

  • The material of the webs is 100 percent recycled. The material for the foam is 100 percent recyclable.Slide-in Web
  • Using NUDURA as opposed to traditional building methods cuts down the amount of wood used, which has become a precious commodity.
  • NUDURA forms also minimize mold growth and provide a more soundproof home, increasing indoor comfort dramatically.
  • By reducing waste and shipping space required, NUDURA ICFs also positively impact the environment.DURAFOLD Technology
  • The EPS foam used in NUDURA ICFs emits no CFCs, HCFCs or VOCs.
  • The plastic webs, composed of high-density polypropylene, are totally inert and emit nothing.

Copies of the MSDS sheets for the virgin version of this material are available from either NUDURA’s Technical Service Department, or your local distributor.

For more information on the green attributes of NUDURA ICFs, visit  


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  1. John | Mar 15, 2017

    I am looking to buy a lot in a mobile home park. The bylaws restrict to modular or panel built homes. Where can I find literature stating NUDURA ICF wording conforming to these requirements?


    First off, many times our NUDURA form products have been regularly used within Mobile Home Parks as the foundation element for support, surround protection and/or anchorage of the mobile, modular or panlized home being installed on top our walls. Your question doesn’t make clear whether YOUR intent is to use NUDURA for the FOUNDATION ONLY or if you intend to build NUDURA all the wall to the roof and to a floor plan that is restricted to a standard Park Model Trailer size.

    For whatever reason they might have - sometimes the intent of the Mobile Trailer Park bylaw is to PROHIBIT ANYTHING but "Modular or panel built homes". Being used ABOVE the mobile home deck level. Understanding the “WHY” behind this restriction would also be important to know (though if they allow pre-manufactured homes built of wood studs – they would have to have a pretty good reason why they wouldn’t permit an ICF home built using “MODULAR- EXPANDED POLYSTYRENE FORM UNITS”) as the Canadian CCMC Technical Guide describes our products. I’m afraid that in the eyes of the purveyors of the by-law any attempt for us to try to define a monolithic reinforced concrete wall formed using “Insulated Concrete Forms system as being a panel built home might be construed as “stretching the truth”. It will all come down to what the By-Law defines as a “MODULAR or PANEL BUILT HOME”.

    Not sure if you are in Canada or the USA but we looked at a site called CMHI – (the Canadian Manufactured Homes Institute) and here is how Canada officially defines the various types of homes // 

    On the basis of these definitions, if sections of our ICF forms were pre-assembled as wall segments off site then trucked to the site as panels- it might be able to be argued that your construction method MEETS the definitions of what a “panelized home” is defined as by CMHI.  However, it would be important to secure a clearer definition of the by-law before you make such a leap of faith to be sure that what you are proposing does NOT violate the agreement in any way.

    - NUDURA Blogger
     March 21, 2017

  2. Cameron Ware | Feb 18, 2017
    Excellent product! 
  3. Timothy Viau | Jul 05, 2016
    Reductions of up to 72% in energy consumption for heating and/or cooling not only saves energy, it also reduces resource consumption in developing countries that don't have access to renewable energy. 
  4. cwright | Jun 01, 2016
    Can Nudura be used for swimming pool construction?

    Yes! In fact, NUDURA is currently building a swimming pool with ICFs. Check out our twitter page to see the latest photos of this build! 
    NUDURA Blogger | June 03, 2016

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