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How Tall? How Thick? Assembling NUDURA Walls to the Roof

by NUDURA Blogger | Aug 08, 2016

In the past, many architects and builders mistakenly believed ICFs were only good for foundations – rather than the entire building envelope.

The truth?

If the structure is engineered, you can use NUDURA to build as high as you please. Of course, as the building gets taller, the thickness of the wall will increase. The reinforcing steel within the wall may get thicker or become spaced closer together. Otherwise, you might use NUDURA ICFs as an infill or curtain wall with a post and beam structure.

Our prescriptive data will take a residential project up to two stories before requiring engineering. However, there are many projects on a commercial level that have gone up multiple stories using NUDURA ICF to form structural walls.

6' Standard ICF BlockIn terms of thickness, NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms come in five standard cores, from 4 inch (100mm), 6 inch (150mm), 8 inch (200mm), 10 inch (250mm), to 12 inch (300mm). NUDURA also sells the form units in unassembled forms to enhance flexibility.

NUDURA’s new 4 Way Web Connector allows you to take any of these thicknesses and combine them to achieve different combinations of larger sizes.

To contact your local distributor about the 4 Way Web Connector and how you can use it for your next project, please click here to contact us or call 866-468-6299.

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  1. Cary Granley | Oct 12, 2017
    Does Nudura reduce your exterior square footage from conventional construction?

    A typical or conventional 2x6 wood framed wall with standard siding, OSB sheathing, and drywall applied measures about 7 ¼” to 7 ½” in thickness – If the local codes dictate having to add a minimum of 1 inch of continuous insulation it will be 8 ½” thick. All conventional floor plans produced will always dimension to the OUTER FACE of the wood stud as THIS typically is installed DIRECTLY IN LINE with the FACE of the traditional poured or block concrete foundation wall below. This, therefore, means that the drywalled FACE of the interior walls ALL AROUND the building will be located roughly 6 inches INSIDE the dimensioned OUTER FACE of the plan. IMPORTANT!  THIS IS WHAT SETS THE INTERIOR ROOM SIZES SHOWN ON THE PLAN.

    Now ----consider the same building built with NUDURA. Typically, (as the most common example) our 6 inch core form is DIMENSIONED from its OUTER surface AND as a result, the INSIDE face of the drywall will end up being 11 ¾” inside of the OUTSIDE face of the wall. (as you can see- this is fully 5 ¾” INSIDE of what a typical plan would be). Whatever is shown on a conventionally drawn plan MUST be adjusted to accommodate the added thickness of our product – OTHERWISE – the room sizes will end up SMALLER on ALL of the exterior wall conditions than would be shown on a conventionally drawn plan. This is precisely WHY – conventional plans should NEVER be used to construct an ICF building. A plan set REFLECTING the additional thickness of the ICF NEEDS to be produced and submitted to the building dept. for approval. In large country style custom lots this is usually not a problem.

    However --- sometimes – (particularly on high density suburban or urban sites) – there are SET BACK requirements from side lot lines or even front and rear property lines which will dictate the allowable SIZE of the plan. In cases like these – THESE dimensions must ALSO be taken into consideration and the client NEEDS to be made aware of how the wall thickness can potentially effect interior spaces when they are re-drawn. If the traditional plan is already at the outer setback limit – this CAN effect final room size and options for accommodating this need to be reviewed with the client so that they understand how room sizes can potentially be affected in such cases. Sometimes this has involved having to consider moving to the 4 inch core form where site restrictions are simply to onerous.

    NUDURA Blogger | October 13, 2017

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