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The ICF Building that Withstood Katrina

by NUDURA Blogger | Oct 31, 2016

In early September 2005, I had the unique opportunity to follow the National Guard on a tour of the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina. We went through Biloxi, Mississippi and headed west along the coast towards Gulfport. In the midst of the desolation stood a three-story residential structure with its windows blown out from the storm surge, but the rest of the house – constructed with ICFS – remained unscathed.

We later learned the owner of this home was an engineer who had lost everything to Hurricane Camille in 1969, and vowed that if he ever built his own home it was going to be something that would sustain a disaster attack. Sure enough, when Katrina hit, the ICF construction withstood the force of the storm.

As frightening as natural disasters can be, it’s nice to know that our systems can help provide families like his with safety and stability in the face of a force like Hurricane Katrina.

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