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January 12, 2020
A look back: How did ICFs (and Nudura) begin?

ICF technology began following World War II, when blocks of treated wood fibers held together by cement were used in Switzerland. With technological advances over the last few decades, the system benefits have become increasingly apparent.

Nudura was founded in 2001 as an outgrowth of previous ICF distributors, and immediately set itself apart by responding to a common question that had held the industry back:

How can shipping and storing ICF systems become more efficient?

In the past, ICFs were simply shape-molded, fully formed units fixed in position, which ultimately, meant wasted space in shipping the units, and often required extra room for storage at the job site. 

Nudura ICF Truck


Nudura ICF Duralok technology

DURALOK Technology®

Nudura developed and patented a beautiful hinge application that enables the webs between the form units to fold flat for enhanced shipping and storage. In addition, NUDURA invented a vertical interlock on the webs that enables the units to click and lock together along with the horizontal lock line.

Those two features in particular have helped propel Nudura to industry leadership today. Our products have provided significant cost savings for today’s builders and asset owners and enabled increased specification among architects.



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