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Assembling Nudura Walls to the Roof

In the past, many architects and builders believed that ICFs were only suitable for foundations rather than the entire building envelope. In truth, with proper engineering, you can use Nudura's insulated concrete forms to build as high as you'd like. Of course, as the building gets taller, the thickness of the wall will increase. The reinforcing steel within the wall may get thicker or become spaced closer together. Otherwise, you might use Nudura ICFs as an infill or curtain wall with a post and beam structure.

icf skyscraper with snowicf skyscraper with snow

Our prescriptive data will take a residential project up to two stories before requiring engineering. However, there are many projects on a commercial level that have gone up multiple stories using Nudura ICF to form structural walls.

In terms of thickness, Nudura ICFs come in five standard cores, from 4 inches (100mm), 6″ (150mm), 8 (200mm), 10″ (250mm), to 12″ (300mm) to accommodate the poured concrete. Nudura also sells unassembled forms to enhance design flexibility.

Nudura’s 4-way web connector allows you to take any of these thicknesses and combine them to achieve different combinations of larger sizes. Check out our other ICF accessories here to streamline construction.



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