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Green homes in high demand ICF construction adding the most value in today’s growing market

It’s not the beautiful open-spaced chef’s kitchen equipped with the latest high-end appliances nor the opulent, lavish on-suite bathroom with luxurious finishes and fixtures. The key feature of building a home with the highest potential to increase its long-term property value is none other than insulated concrete form construction. 

According to Keven Rector at Nudura, a leader in building with insulated concrete forms (ICFs), the real estate industry is all a buzz about the rise in popularity of ICF built homes due to the long-term value this building method can bring to a home. As a result, these homes are becoming more lucrative options for buyers, investors, and the real estate industry.

What are ICF homes? There are homes built with an ultra-durable insulated building envelope made up of ICF walls, which consist of two panels of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam connected with Nudura’s  web system that is made of 100 percent recycled material.  ICFs are then stacked, steel-reinforced, and filled with concrete to complete the home’s building envelope in one efficient building step.

 “Projects specifying Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms provide much greater potential for saving valuable environmental resources, reducing energy consumption and C02 emissions; a few key factors facing today’s home buyers. This is why the market demand for greener homes is significantly on the rise across North America,” Rector explained. 

“Every year, more and more future buyers are looking for Net-Zero homes, or Green homes that consider their impact on the earth.  Insulated concrete forms lead the way in Net Zero home construction and consequently increase the property’s long-term value.” 

As the new home building standard, Net-Zero structures maximize the use of on-site renewable energy, thereby producing more energy than they consume over a year. Rector explained that NUDURA’s superior building envelope is a critical element in achieving Net-Zero construction by creating an airtight structure that significantly reduces heat loss through its thermal mass advantage. The wall system allows mechanical heating and cooling equipment to run at optimal levels to provide maximum energy performance, resulting in more significant cost savings throughout the year.

Here are some other key reasons why ICF construction can increase the future market price of residential property:


The cost of owning an ICF home is significantly lower than that of a traditionally wood-framed built house due to its superior energy efficiency.  ICF homes deliver an R-value (a measure of thermal resistance) of nearly 24, which can equate to a 20-70% reduction in ongoing utility expenditures.  A feature that translates in significant cost-savings over time and that will only increase the home’s value.

ICF wall systems also control moisture intrusion, mold, and mildew growth and are more resistant to damage and pest infestation. The need for maintenance is, therefore, significantly reduced, as is the annual cost of ownership as a result.


Nothing adds value quicker to a home than an addition of a new bedroom, living area, bathroom, or even a pool.  ICF construction can help create future home expansion and customization with unparalleled ease to help increase the long-term value of a property.

ICFs can be used to quickly build a new garage, man cave, decks, porches, solariums, or even a swimming pool to an existing property adding tens of thousands of dollars in overall value. 


The structural integrity and durability of insulated reinforced concrete homes add even higher property value as it requires less maintenance and repair over its lifetime, said, Rector. The strength of the building system not only prevents typical wear and tear, but it also protects homes from the natural elements that can wreak havoc on North American communities. ICF constructed properties are resilient against storms, tornadoes, hurricanes (402 km/h-250 mph winds), extreme temperatures, and even fires. 

For more information on how ICFs can add long-term value to your next custom home construction, contact us

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