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Modern Farmhouse Plans with Insulated Concrete Forms

Want a modern farmhouse that’s ready for the cover of any home and garden magazine? You can achieve the timeless farmhouse look with equally long-lasting durability by building with insulated concrete forms (ICFs).

icf house plansCommercial and residential ICF structures are known to be “disaster-resilient”, meaning they can withstand virtually anything Mother Nature throws at it, from hurricane-force winds to flying debris. That means your farmhouse will be a home that can be passed down for generations. Plus, houses built with insulated concrete forms have greater energy-efficiency than conventional wood-frame construction to save you on your monthly heating and cooling costs.

Get started with Nudura’s collection of ready-to-use ICF farmhouse plans to easily customize your dream home with your favorite finishes. Our various ICF layouts can suit any family or landscape, from a cozy 1,300 sq. ft. ranch-style house to a spacious 3,300 sq. ft. home perfect for entertaining. You can even choose options like an open floor plan, one- or two-car garage, front and back porches, and traditional architectural details like French doors or shutters.

The design possibilities are endless with concrete homes and ICFs. Get inspired with these modern ICF farmhouses constructed with Nudura insulated concrete forms.

Geegan Home

In 2021, Tim Geegan and his wife built their dream home with insulated concrete forms, seeking the same energy-efficiency they’d seen in nearby ICF schools. Even with its modern amenities, the house’s covered patio and porch swing transport you to the quiet countryside. ICFs brought that serenity indoors as well with their soundproofing benefits and the peace of mind that comes with their storm resistance. In this tornado-prone region of Kentucky, the ICF farmhouse survived a tornado less than a year after construction, proving its resiliency in the face of extreme weather.

geegan icf house in kentucky

Roach Residence

In building their beautiful 2,000 sq. ft. house with Nudura ICFs, homeowner, Tracey Roach, stated simply, “I wouldn’t go back to a wood frame home.”

The family had never heard of insulated concrete forms before they began their custom home journey, but when their builder introduced them to ICF technology, they were willing to try it. They were attracted to the safety and security it promised, as well as the design flexibility that enabled them to achieve the farmhouse look. In the end, ICFs gave their home superior soundproofing and high thermal performance that save them $100 each month on their energy bills. 

icf farmhouse in kentucky


Morris Home

After the Marshall Fire destroyed their home in December 2021, the Morris’s needed a house they could feel safe in. Insulated concrete forms enabled them to rebuild on their same property with confidence that their family and belongings would be protected in case of another wildfire. ICFs offer a 4-hour fire rating compared to under an hour for wood framing

colorado icf house
Whether you are seeking a quaint country style home or a sprawling modern farmhouse, ICFs can help you get the classic farmhouse aesthetic with any custom home layout you want. Your house will be the talk of the neighborhood with superior energy-efficiency, strength and comfort. When you’re ready to design your new home, take the next step by selecting from our array of ICF house plans.


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