People always ask what are the differences of an ICF house vs wood? Advancements in everyday technology are spreading into the building industry, allowing builders and architects to design houses that out perform traditional wood frame structures. An ICF house vs. wood is a proven building technology that offers a variety of benefits.

Building with NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms provides a variety of benefits over traditional stick frame homes. The need for more efficient and safer homes is important for you and your family. An ICF House vs. Wood from NUDURA will provide greater safety, greater energy efficiency and a healthy home for you and your family.  NUDURA provides a concrete wall with varying ICF form thicknesses from 4 inches to 12 inches of concrete to meet any building type. When compared to a typical wood frame wall that is comprised of 2X4’s and bat insulation the advantage of building an ICF house vs wood is far superior.

An ICF House built with NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms also provide greater safety in Hurricane and tornado prone zones withstanding winds of up to 402kph (250mph) and provide up to 50 – 70% better energy performance over stick frame homes. The concrete in a NUDURA ICF house provides Thermal Mass, which provides R-Values of up to R50 compared to Traditional wood frame homes that offer R20.

Walls make up the largest surface area of a home, so ensuring that walls have good thermal mass and low R-values is extremely important. An ICF House vs. Wood can provide this because of the high thermal mass of the concrete combined with the stay-in-place insulation.  A NUDURA ICF House provides the maximum thermal performance.



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