Contractor & Developer FAQ's

  • How do you fasten the baseboard in a NUDURA house?

  • How do you fasten a typical 1104 type box to the walls?

  • How do you attach siding, drywall or other finishes to NUDURA ICF?

  • What type of screws do I use to fasten vinyl siding?

  • Where should I make my cuts in a form unit to achieve the desired length of wall?

  • Are there any VOC’s or gaseous emissions from the foam block?

  • Can concrete be poured into NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms in cold weather?

  • How do you remove snow from the bottom of the form?

  • What are the best increments to use for stepped footings?

  • What is a lift height?

  • What is the total height of a pour?

  • How is concrete properly consolidated?

  • Will I have to worry about mold growth with NUDURA ICF's?

  • How high can I build with NUDURA?

  • How is NUDURA a ‘Green’ building product?

  • How thick can I make my NUDURA walls?

  • Do my designs and plans have to be done specifically to NUDURA’s ideal dimensions?

  • Where is waterproofing necessary?

  • Do I still require a vapour barrier with NUDURA?


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