NUDURA are global leaders in the design and manufacture of ICF products and accessories for residential, commercial, medical and educational structures, along with a variety of other structure types. NUDURA icf products offer contractors and developers, the ability to speed up the building process, reduce waste and deliver architectural impact.

standardNUDURA manufactures a range of product and accessories for a variety of applications which provide, maximum energy efficiency, superior strength, healthier indoor working and living environments and a structure that offers lower overall maintenance costs over its lifetime compared to traditional building applications.

The complete range of NUDURA ICF Products have been used throughout North America for homes, schools and medical facilities. NUDURA offers icf products and accessories that make the building process easier with our patented technology that can’t be found with other icf formwork products on the market. 

All NUDURA Forms have our patented DURAFOLD, DURAMAX, DURALOK Technology® and a 4-Way Reversible system giving you a form that can’t be matched. We are so confident that we want you to see how we stack up! Download a copy of our “How We Stack Up” info sheet and compare our ICF Product line to our Optimizercompetition.

NUDURA also offers our line of panel ICF products for different building scenarios. NUDURA ICF Products provide ease of installation and ensure the project meets the design requirements.

NUDURA ICF Products Offer:

  • Patented Technology
  • Standard form sizes from 4”-12”
  • Factory – Custom Cut Radius Forms
  • NUDURA Panels for building versatility
  • R-Value of 24 with Thermal mass properties of up to R-50
  • Full line of icf product accessories from Waterproof material to bracing.
  • Access to full on-site technical support through a dedicated distributor network.
Optimizer Unassemled-Panels_Without-Webs Radius T-Forms-Stacked-top 90degreeangleform TaperTop T-Forms-Stacked Height-Adjuster Standard-right-side Short-T 45degreeangleform Long-T-adjusted

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