NUDURA Launches New Insulated Concrete Form Product Guide

by Mark Angus | févr. 01, 2012

NUDURA is excited to announce the launch of our new Product Guide and would like to take this moment to go through what you can expect from this new catalog

The new clean, easy-to-follow layout that provides you with detailed product and order information all at their fingertips. The expanded information shows the you all of the information you need to know about our Insulated Concrete Forms to order with confidence. 

Our goal for this guide was to eliminate any confusion during the order process.  

  • We provided high-resolution product photos so the reader can see what exactly they are ordering.   
  • We added CAD details for proper measurements and project estimations.   
  • We simplified and color-coded the order chart and added product suggestions for quick reference.   
  • Product accessories are presented on their own page and now include simple descriptions and photos that show them in-use.   
  • Our Alignment System occupies a two page spread to illustrate various options and kits available for ordering.

 To download a copy of our new product guide visit our technical center or contact us for a copy to be sent out.

  Amérique du Nord 866-468-6299 International +1 705-726-9499