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NUDURA Joint Settlement with Airlite

Dec 14, 2010
Airlite Plastics Co. (“Airlite”), the maker of Fox Blocks ICF products, and Polyform A.G.P., Les Plastiques Cellulaires Polyform Inc. (collectively “Polyform”) and Nudura Corporation Inc. (“Nudura”), the makers and distributors of Nudura’s ICF products, have mutually agreed to settle litigations in the United States and Canada regarding claims made by Polyform and Nudura that current Fox Blocks ICF products with the current interlock design infringe certain claims of the Polyform patents. Pursuant to the settlement, Airlite’s Fox Blocks ICF products may be manufactured, sold, resold, and used free of any allegation that the current Fox Blocks ICF products infringe any patents owned by Polyform or Nudura.

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