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St. Peter’s Parishioners Unite to Build a Landmark Gothic Church

Sep 30, 2014

Ever seen an act of faith? For the last several months, a massive example has been taking shape on Thomasville Road in northeast Tallahassee. There, within a horn’s honk of one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares, rises a 36,000-square-foot, multi-towered, English-inspired, Gothic, cathedral-sized church that is, indeed, an act of faith.

The new St. Peter’s Anglican Church, rising from a dusty plot four miles north of Interstate 10, will be a monolith the likes of which neither Tallahassee nor North Florida has seen. Designed to seat up to 1,000 faithful, the building, scheduled for completion this spring, would not be out of place in 13th-century Britain and reflects what its clergy and parishioners believe to be a historical and theological commitment to their church. Read Full Article


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