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Course Outline

The course outline follows the Nudura Installation Manual enhanced with application videos per each section:

  • Introduction to Nudura Integrated Building Technology
  • Getting Started, plan requirements, building codes
  • Tools
  • Site Preparation & Delivery
  • Nudura Products
  • Installation Procedures
  • Footings
  • First and Second Course Placement
  • Additional Course Placement
  • Openings, Installation of door and window bucks
  • Lintel design and use of tables
  • Wall alignment and scaffolding system
  • Reinforcing Steel Placement
  • Concrete Specifications and Placement
  • Dampproofing/ waterproofing
  • Air/Vapor barrier Requirements
  • Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical
  • Interior and Exterior finishes

The cost of the course is $150 plus applicable taxes, payable by Visa or Mastercard only. Please note credit cards will be processed 24hrs prior to the course date. Participants will receive a Nudura installation manual and literature.

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