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The Anatomy of Sustainability ICF

3D Nudura standard form NUDURA STANDARD FORM
Nudura Standard Forms - 8’ (96”) in length, the largest standard block in the industry is part of the Nudura ICF Series and consists of two stay in place panels of  Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) connected with our
innovative hinged folding web.
2. Nudura 90 degree form NUDURA 90o FORM
The 90º form is fully reversible, so you do not have to plan right and left corners ahead of time. Nudura also offers a 45º form, a radius, a taper top, and all of the accessories needed to ensure the envelope of any home can be built with Nudura ICFs.
 3. Nudura optimizer NUDURA OPTIMIZER
With the Optimizer form, it is easy to optimize any wall. Designed to be used as a height adjuster at the top of the wall, the Optimizer allows installers the ability to hit 17 different stack heights from 4’ (1200 mm) to 12’ (3600 mm).
 4. Nudura one series NUDURA ONE SERIES FORM
The One Series offers users the ability to reduce labor by not having to strip foam for elevator shafts, stairwells, and other areas that do not require foam. The transition between concrete and foam is seamless as the unique design allows concrete to meet with the outside edge of a Nudura foam panel.

3D Nudura one series

Please note: the images above are close up details of our 3D residential rendering. Please note products may not be exactly as illustrated. 

Project Applications

Nudura is proud to the the insulated concrete form (ICF) of choice for hundreds of project across North America in both residential and commercial settings.

Continuing Education

Nudura offers an Insulated Concrete Forms course in an easy to use online setting that allows Architects and design professionals to earn Continuing Education credits 24 hours a day.


We’re committed to supporting homeowners and design professionals who are interested in or use our products. We’re always happy to help and provide more information.