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Why Specify Nudura

Changing economic, social and environmental factors means that the way buildings are designed and constructed is also changing. Projects today take positive steps towards specifying high quality, sustainable building materials that fit these agendas. The ICF Product line from Nudura meets the high demands for commercial, educational, medical, residential and a variety of other building types.


With Nudura insulated concrete wall systems you can be sure that your structure will withstand high winds, fire, the elements and the test of time. Nudura has been used for commercial and residential structures throughout North America and has saved building owners from having to rebuild their homes and businesses.


The Nudura line of ICF Forms offers innovation that is exclusive to Nudura, which allows builders the ability to build and design residential structures with greater efficiency. DURALOK Technology® - Our patented Fastening Strip securely locks forms into place with a patented reversible triple tooth interlock eliminating float and compression and the need to wire forms.


Improving the thermal performance of the building envelope with the Nudura ICF wall system is the easiest, most immediate and cost-effective way to reduce energy costs.

Nudura Design Library

Full BIM Object Models of each Nudura ICF system form unit for visual spatial reference. Imperial or Metric Defaults Options available.


This information is designed to rapidly and conveniently equate the engineer and architect alike with the product attributes of the NUDURA® Wall System.


We’re committed to supporting homeowners and design professionals who are interested in or use our products. We’re always happy to help and provide more information.