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Below Grade Construction (Seulement Anglais)

This section covers below-grade construction details that apply to all building types, for either Combustible or Non-Combustible Construction classifications. It includes general information to consider when working with Nudura in both plan and vertical section layout including;

  1. Footing Planning Layout,
  2. Step Footing Requirements,
  3. Considerations for the use of Brick Ledge Forms and Scribing to Rock.

Detailing covers;

  1. Strip Footings for both basement/garage slabs installed below grade and stem wall configurations,
  2. Grade Beams supporting below grade for either slab or stem wall interface,
  3. And Haunched or thickened edge slab on grade construction.

Below Grade Slab

Stem Wall

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Grade Beams

Haunched Slab On Grade

  • Non-Brick Non-Insulated

    6" (152mm) Concrete core


    8" (203mm) Concrete core



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