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ABC Domes Community Shelter

ABC Domes storm resistant

Hammon, Oklahoma --  December 24, 2012  - American Business Continuity Domes, Inc. (ABC Domes), Dome Technology and ES2 Engineering System Solutions, the U.S.-based alliance that develops and builds disaster-resistant, steel-reinforced thin-shell concrete domes, marked a milestone on its Hammon, Oklahoma project with the recent completion of the dome’s shell. The project was completed on schedule and with zero defects upon inspection. 

 The new structure, designed by Kerr 3 Design Group, ABC Domes storm resistant Inc. and constructed by Red Sky Constructors, LLC – both of Edmond, Oklahoma – will be used primarily as an 1100 seat gymnasium / school and will also function as a storm shelter for the Town of Hammon.

Completed in August of 2013, innovative features of the 28,000 square foot project include its low profile roof line and the use of NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms.

ABC Domes provide near absolute protection from hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and fires, and are utilized by a variety of industries for purposes ranging from secure storage to disaster recovery and business continuity. The domes are built for use as:

  • FEMA-361 Compliant Storm Shelter Domes *
  • Disaster Recovery Command Centers
  • Emergency Equipment and Vehicle Storage
  • Bulk Storage
  • Records/Data Warehousing and Inventory
  • Community Centers
  • Sports Arenas and Gymnasiums
  • Churches
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • IT Server Parks
  • Data Centers
  • Video Projection Domes
ABC Domes disaster resilient

ABC Domes are far superior to traditionally constructed buildings. Because of their strong and ergonomic shape, and use of superior building materials, they are virtually unaffected by time, weather, seismic activity, or man made assault, thus meeting standards for near-absolute survivability. The domes, built to withstand wind speeds of 300 miles per hour, are the most disaster-resistant structures that can be built, and at a price-to-value ratio more favorable than traditional construction.

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