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Cladding Solutions for Nudura ICF

Looking for cladding solutions that bring new levels of protection to a formerly neglected area of foundation – from grade line to exterior finish? Nudura offers several solutions that provide an aesthetically pleasing design with unmatched rugged durability.

Horizon® Parge Coarse Coat

The Horizon® Parge Coarse Coat is a tough, roller-applied or spray-applied exterior finish. It not only adds an attractive, durable, UV-resistant finish to the exposed EPS, but also provides an extra layer of waterproofing protection to a home or building.

Features & Benefits

  • Roller or spray-applied
  • Pre-mixed single component parge system
  • Greater impact resistant to direct strike
  • Available in Tacoma Grey
NUBASE Parging Mix with Fiber Mesh

The NUBASE Parging Mix is a dry cementitious product that is used to cover exposed EPS that is not covered by an exterior finish. NUBASE is used in conjunction with fiber mesh which gets embedded into the parge coat to give it strength.

NUBASE Parging Mix Data Sheet

Fiber Mesh Data Sheet

Features & Benefits

  • Hard cementitious coating
  • Trowel applied application
  • Finished concrete look and feel


Cladding Applications


Horizon Application

Horizon when applied to the exposed EPS adds durability with the added benefit of being aesthetically pleasing.

NUBASE Application

NUBASE being applied to exposed EPS that is not being covered by an exterior finish.

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