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Online Training Course

Begin your journey to become a trained ICF Installer

Nudura Online Training Course

Our Online Course provides participants basic Nudura ICF installation skills for building concrete homes and light commercial structures. This course includes design considerations, prescriptive design tables and exercises, installation and construction practices, and an overview of interior and exterior finishes and their application.





Course Outline

We will follow the Nudura Installation Manual and cover the following items ​through six self-paced modules.

  • Introduction to Nudura integrated building technology
  • Getting started, plan requirements, building codes
  • Tools
  • Site preparation & delivery
  • Nudura products
  • Installation procedures
  • Footings
  • First and second-course placement
  • Additional course placement
  • Openings, installation of door and window bucks
  • Lintel design and use of tables
  • Wall alignment and scaffolding system
  • Reinforcing steel placement
  • Concrete specifications and placement
  • Damp-proofing/waterproofing
  • Air/vapor barrier requirements
  • Electrical, plumbing, and mechanical
  • Interior & Exterior finishes

The information presented in this course gives the participant the necessary guidance and basic knowledge of proper installation techniques for using the various products composing the Nudura Integrated Building Technology and associated accessories (the “Nudura Products”). This course DOES NOT train an individual on how to be a contractor. Nudura Inc. and Nudura Systems, Inc. do not have any control over the installation or workmanship used in the assembly or installation of the Nudura Products, whether by recognized Nudura trained installers or by unauthorized installers.

Begin your journey to become a trained ICF Installer