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Homeowner FAQs

  • How do I fasten baseboards in a Nudura Insulated Concrete Form House?

    The best way is to rip a plywood strip to, 2 1/2" wide and screw it in place to the webs along all the walls. Fasten these strips at every fourth web. Now the drywall contractors can set their drywall on top of it, and will cut their top sheets accordingly to suit this height. The result is you have full wood fastening for nails along the complete wall surface and the plywood is guaranteed to be covered by the baseboard.

  • How do you attach siding, drywall or other finishes to Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms?

    The Nudura form unit has a fastening strip located every 8” (200mm) on center. These fastening strips are continuous up the full height of the form unit and have a patented mechanism that interlocks one fastening strip to the one below it or above it. These fastening strips are indicated on the surface of the form by a diamond pattern. They are 1 ½” wide and have a higher pull-out strength than a dimensional stud. Different types of cladding will have different installation procedures.

    Watch this instructional video to learn more about attaching finishes to a Nudura Insulated Concrete Form Wall. 

  • Are there any VOC’s or gaseous emissions from a Insulated Concrete Form block?

    In our Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms, the webs are composed of high-density polypropylene, made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. This plastic is inert and emits nothing. Copies of the MSDS sheets for the virgin version of this material are available from either Nudura’s Technical Service Department or your local Distributor.

  • Will I have to worry about mold growth with Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms?

    The EPS foam is an inert material, meaning it is very slow in any reaction, and there are no active properties to it. This does not mean however that mold will never propagate on an ICF wall just because it uses EPS as insulation. The truth is, if you do not have sufficient airflow, you can accumulate an excess of moisture through condensation at your openings. This build-up of water, if not evaporated, will eventually cause mold to grow on the paper of the drywall. This is why, when dealing with your HVAC system, you must adjust it accordingly for a tighter building envelope, therefore requiring more air exchanges.

  • How are Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms a ‘Green’ building product?

    Nudura is Green in a number of ways. The material of the webs is 100% recycled. The material for the foam is 100% recyclable. The EPS foam emits no CFC or HCFC’s or VOC’s. Using Nudura as opposed to traditional building methods cuts down the amount of wood used, which has become a precious commodity. By minimizing mold growth and giving a more soundproof home, your indoor comfort is increased dramatically. By reducing waste and shipping space required, Nudura also impacts the environment in a very positive manner. These are just a few of the reasons why Nudura ICF is an environmentally innovative material to use in your buildings

    Learn more about Building Green with NUDURA

  • How do I find a Nudura trained Installer?

    The distributor for your area will be able to provide you with a list of Nudura trained installers for your area.

  • How can I find out who the distributor is for my area?

    To get in touch with the Distributor for your area, contact us.

  • How is my Distributor different than my Nudura Insulated Concrete Form Installer?

    Your Nudura Distributor is the support center for your project and your Installer is the one who is the one who will be on-site building your home.  Should you need to find a Nudura trained installer (contractor), architect or engineer, your distributor will provide you with a list of professionals that are familiar or have used Nudura products and accessories. Your Nudura Distributor is also responsible for the sales and technical support for your Nudura Installer (contractor) throughout your entire project being built with Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms.  Once you have chosen your Nudura Installer for your project, you may have little or no contact with your Distributor as you will be dealing with your Installer.

  • Can I buy Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms direct?

    No, Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms are only sold through a distributorship. For pricing information, contact the Distributor for your area.

  • Can I build my own home using Nudura?

    Nudura encourages homeowners to use a Nudura Trained Installers to build their homes in order to ensure proper installation.  Although building with Nudura may look easy, many problems can arise that most homeowners are not qualified to handle. Building with Nudura is still building a home, Nudura always recommends having a professional build your home.  For more information, please contact your Distributor.

  • I’m having problems with my contractor, who do I call?

    Your Nudura Distributor is the support center for the Nudura Trained Installers in his territory.  If you feel that you are having problems with your Contractor or you have questions about the work that is being done, please contact your Distributor directly.






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