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Architect & Engineer FAQs

  • Are there any VOC’s or gaseous emissions from the foam block?

    In our Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms, the webs are composed of high-density polypropylene, made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. This plastic is totally inert and emits nothing. Copies of the MSDS sheets for the virgin version of this material are available from either Nudura’s Technical Service Department, or your local distributor.

  • Can concrete be poured into Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms in cold weather?

    If the average temperature in a three day period is below 40̊ F or 4.5̊ C then this would be considered to be a cold weather pour. Concrete can be heated and the mixture can be altered as well for this scenario.  Provisions can be made so that the full compressive strength of the concrete can be achieved in these lower temperatures. 

  • What are the best increments to use for stepped footings?

    When using the Nudura ICF for a foundation wall, and you have stepped footing, the best possible increment to use is 18” (450mm). As the height of the form unit is 18”, you can rip a standard form unit in half for a 9” (225mm) increment. This is also a favorable increment to step footings at.

  • How high can I design with Nudura?

    Typically in the past people have thought that ICF is only good for foundations, however this is a myth. The truth is if the structure is engineered, you can use Nudura to build up as high as you please. Of course as the building gets taller, the thickness of the wall will increase. The reinforcing steel within the wall may get thicker or spaced closer, or you may simply have to use Nudura as an infill or curtain wall with a post and beam structure. Our prescriptive data will take a residential project up 2 storeys before requiring engineering, but there are many projects on a commercial level that have gone up multiple storeys using the Nudura ICF to form structural walls.

  • How is Nudura a ‘Green’ building product?

    Nudura is Green in a number of ways. The material of the webs is 100% recycled. The material for the foam is 100% recyclable. The EPS foam emits no CFC or HCFC’s or VOC’s. Using NUDURA as opposed to traditional building methods cuts down the amount of wood used, which has become a precious commodity. By minimizing mold growth and giving a more sound proof home, your indoor comfort is increased dramatically. By reducing waste and shipping space required, NUDURA also impacts the environment in a very positive manner. These are just a few of the reasons why Nudura ICF is an environmentally innovative material to use in your buildings.

    For more information on Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms green attributes, visit our building green section for more information.

  • Do my designs and plans have to be done specifically to Nudura’s ideal dimensions?

    Your plans do not HAVE to be designed to Nudura ideal dimensions, though it would help the construction process go faster if the modular dimensions of the form unit are considered, however Nudura’s forms are flexible in that you can adapt it to an existing ICF design. Should you want to design using Nudura’s most optimal dimensions, ask your local distributor for the Dimension Layout Guidelines.

Nudura Design Library

Full BIM Object Models of each Nudura ICF system form unit for visual-spatial reference. Imperial or Metric Defaults Options available.

Continuing Education

Nudura offers an Insulated Concrete Forms course in an easy to use online setting that allows Architects and design professionals to earn Continuing Education credits 24 hours a day.


We’re committed to supporting homeowners and design professionals who are interested in or use our products. We’re always happy to help and provide more information.