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Get answers to all your questions about Nudura ICFs – from how your project can benefit, to how they work, to the best way to install. Plus, explore our completed projects to get creative inspiration and ideas.

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Homes built with Nudura will provide superior energy efficiency, consistency in performance, and lower utility over the lifespan compare to traditional building methods like wood.

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Here are some practical tips from energy-efficient building experts on how you can retrofit your home using the latest energy-saving innovations to create a much greener home environment.

Safe rooms are created by building any room with ICF walls, pouring a “concrete lid” on top, and installing a steel door. Walls built using ICF have proven to withstand winds up to 250mph (402 kph) and protect against flying debris.

Mexico Beach was flattened by Hurricane Michael and amongst the devastating destruction, one home stood upright on stilts above all the apocalyptic destruction, appearing largely unscathed and shining majestically in the sun.

Home trends are about more than good design and aesthetics – they’re about creating spaces that reflect our values and are more comfortable and enjoyable to live in.

If you are in the market to build your new home from the ground up, then you are in an advantageous position of being able to choose all the materials to make up your dream home. Owners have the unique opportunity to research the latest advanced technologies for home construction to ensure they are building the most durable, healthy, energy-efficient and least wasteful house possible.

At Nudura, we will still receive questions or comments about how ICFs, as shape-molded forms, can satisfy architects’ custom designs. We know that every building comes with many sets of circumstances and different conditions that may require a specialty block or two.

COVID-19 has brought changes to everything, and home design is no exception. Experts are expecting to see lasting impacts on everything from the materials we use to the rooms we prioritize. Check out these and other noteworthy trends.

Do you know that Nudura ICF walls have a high storage capacity with a low thermal conductivity that reduces energy loss?

To go beyond net-zero, or to become net positive, a building needs to generate more energy than it uses each year. According to Howland Green, this “raises the bar” in development, not only with regards to ensuring a clean ecological footprint but also in terms of economic efficiency by reducing energy-related costs with less-efficient buildings.

Building a net-zero structure is an ambitious goal but designing to this caliber is not as complicated as it might sound. Constructing with energy efficiency in mind takes co-ordination between all the project team members and product research to determine the most long-lasting and cost-effective methods to achieve the necessary standards. While insulation is not the sole contributor to a net-zero building, insulated concrete form (ICF) technology.

One main reason why ICF has become popular among builders is that there is virtually no learning curve.

Our double-foam insulated concrete forms serve as an effective sound barrier and dampens sound vibrations from unwanted outside noise, such as traffic, trains, and neighbors so that rooms are 3 times sounder resistant than a typical wood-framed wall.

Do you know that Nudura ICF walls have a high storage capacity with a low thermal conductivity that reduces energy loss?

You can use Nudura to build as high as you please and as the building gets taller, the thickness of the wall will increase. Read more!

No, ICFs are not only used for basements. Just like this misconception, there are several other myths that persist. Learn more!

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