“Originally, I was expecting the typically 5%-7% additional cost for the ICF system when compared to wood construction. However, Louanne and I were pleased that we came in closer to 2-3% higher due to our finish out. In the conceptual phase I was looking for a better option than wood stick construction. I wanted durability, longevity, thermal insulation, sound insulation, insect resistance, and the ability to withstand storm damage. ICF construction provided the robust performance I was looking for. When compared to all of the other available construction methods. The value proposition of the ICF wins hands down – I can’t say enough positive things about it. “
- Pat McDowell – Owner

“The advancements in ICFs has helped builders conduct our projects with ease and almost all of our commercial and residential projects in the past four years have been ICF! As an expert in ICF construction, my architectural firm has seen a high demand of our services and the NUDURA network is always available to assist us and the general contractors. I am a big proponent of ICF!”
-Leigh Overland - Leigh Overland 

"Exactly 11 months ago this was the site.... a bog with some concrete bits floating around with poo-pipes sinking in the peat. Today.... we completed the gable ends, after laying 160 tons of concrete, hand mixed, borrowed / lifted by bucket to fill the foundations and walls. The polystyrene walls have turned out to be the best decision we ever made.... proof... two complete idiots, that's just me and Mel, can build a house that, hopefully, will be so 'green' it'll cost nothing to run. I laser leveled the two gable ends this evening and they were within 2mm!"
-Tony Oliver

“We are proud of the image of this structure and how it has performed to our expectations”
-Cliff Holden - Burleson School District (Academy at Nola Dunn Project)

"I had just started with the company shortly before we started The Academy at Nola Dunn project. I had no previous experience with NUDURA or any other ICF product. I found the installation of NUDURA's ICF block to be so simple that a novice could install it. The ease of use has made me a NUDURA ICF fan.

The NUDURA product is light and the forms can be installed by one person. They are light and safer for the trades to work with than installing traditional methods in the industry. The Secondary containment properties of the ICF forms on either side of the concrete repels the salt water in the oil field application."
-David Urbanovsky - Advanced Construction (Academy at Nola Dunn Project)

“We sourced out many building alternatives when we started looking into building our new home. When we came across NUDURA we knew we had found the right product. Energy efficiency, comfort and safety were the biggest attributes that we looked for and we have not been disappointed. When we walk into our home the comfort level in both the winter and summer is fantastic. We also noticed that our home is much quieter, an added benefit we weren’t looking for. Another attribute we really liked about NUDURA was the fact that it is an environmentally friendly product. Our distributor was very helpful in explaining the product and the things we had to think about while building, and the service was excellent. We definitely made the right choice”
-Linda Perry – NUDURA Home Owner  

" In 2007, we undertook the construction of a new custom home.  In fact, this was our fourth new construction project, however, the criteria significantly different.  Given the abundance of construction materials and techniques available today, we concluded we wanted to build a home that would prove to be energy efficient, quiet and withstand the test of time.  After looking at all of the options, we selected a ICF design and ultimately Nudura.  The rationale was immediately apparent because Nudura offers a spectacular selection of component blocks allowing you to design curves, integrating brick ledges and adapting features which otherwise would leaves us with some conventional construction parts.  In fact, while we didn't build a pool, we gave serious consideration to using Nudura products for the pool.

During the design and construction process, Nudura's technical support team enabled us to optimize the design, perform enhancements and save on costs.  Moreover, in an effort to create an airtight enclosure, they were able to demonstrate the benefits of the Ceiling Technology which in addition to substantially improving our energy savings, also made our house quieter, not to mention stronger because it is built of Nudura to the trusses.  We took additional steps to lower the "carbon footprint" through the design of the heating system including the infloor heating for which Nudura products provided the insulation.  

Having lived in the home for over two and a half years, the benefits continue to materialize.  Our energy conservation goal has been surpassed and we have reduced our consumption of Natural Gas by more than 50%.  This is a very exciting achievement, regardless of the price of Natural Gas because this home is 2.5 times larger than the last house we built in 1999.  From an economic perspective, the payback is relatively short given current energy costs and the nominal premium over conventional construction.  Comparatively, we fully expect to benefit when we sell this home because of environmental awareness and the desire of more and more homeowners to save on thermal costs.  Unquestionably, our next home will be a Nudura home!   Bravo Nudura!
-Dan & Roz - NUDURA Home Owner


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