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Disaster Resilient Homes & Buildings

Nudura Insulated Concrete Wall Systems are designed to withstand Mother Nature’s worst. With our ICFs, you can be confident that your building will endure high winds, seismic forces, fire, and the test of time. Disaster Resilient Home Brochure

Nudura ICF building survives Hurricane Michael

Stand The Test Of Time With ICF

Nudura insulated concrete walls can withstand winds of up to 250 mph (402 kph), ensuring that your home or building maintains its structural integrity in extreme weather conditions. The resiliency of an ICF wall system comes from the steel-reinforced concrete core held in place by dual-sided continuous insulation. Nudura ICFs come in a range of core sizes for 4 to 12 inches of concrete to stand between you and the elements. When compared to traditional wood framing with only soft bat insulation and a wood frame as protection, insulated concrete form walls are far superior for long-term durability.

Disaster Resilient Home Brochure

Don’t wait until the next wildfire to start thinking about the fire resistance of your home or building. Shield your structure from the start by using insulated concrete form construction. As a form of passive fire protection, Nudura ICFs have a fire protection rating of up to 4 hours compared to wood-framing with only a 45-minute rating. Those precious moments could be the difference between life and death during an evacuation due to the spread of flames.

See why this family chose to rebuild with Nudura ICFs after their home burned down in 2017
Nudura ICF building survives Hurricane Irma

ICFs Provide Greater Strength & Safety

Walls built with insulated concrete forms are optimal for protecting structures and their occupants from the threat of tornados, hurricanes, severe storms and even earthquakes. Nudura ICF wall systems provide impact resistance from wind-blown debris and superior anchorage to resist extreme winds and seismic forces because of the concrete core and steel reinforcements. See how Nudura ICF systems comply with prevailing building and design requirements with these testing reports and code approvals.

Costs Associated with National Disasters

As natural disasters grow more frequent, the threat of destruction moves even closer to home. This chart demonstrates the Canadian dollars spent to repair property damage inflicted from recent natural disasters. Aside from the financial costs, dangerous weather conditions also put human lives at risk.

Benefits of a disaster-proof home

Watch Real Cases

Nudura ICF Home Survives Hurricane Michael

How is one house able to resist Mother Nature's Category 5 monster winds? According to Dr. Lebron Lackey, he and his uncle chose to fortify their beachside home by building with the most resistant materials available, including Nudura ICFs.

Home Rebuild with ICF - Fire resistance and Energy Efficiency

The building owner's home burned down in the California fires of 2017. Fire resistance and energy efficiency were very important to the family, so they decided to rebuild with Nudura's insulated concrete forms.

ICF Home Survives Tornado

Tornados are not uncommon in Bowling Green, Kentucky, so when Tim Geegan built his new home in the area, he knew to use storm-resistant ICFs. Shortly after construction, when a tornado did pass through, his neighbors' houses sustained damage but his ICF home remained intact.

Nudura ICF Safe Room

According to FEMA, having a safe room can provide "near-absolute protection" from injury or death caused by extreme winds. In fact, this safety feature is accessible by building a safe room, storm shelter or entire safe home with Nudura ICFs. With insulated concrete form construction, you ensure you and your family are protected from natural disasters. Click the button below to read our blog on the technical requirements for a safe room and how ICF safe rooms simplify the process.

Learn more about ICF Safe Rooms


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