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January 17, 2024
Insulated concrete forms: The eco-friendly building material choice of the pros

As eco-friendly, sustainable design becomes a regular request for contractors and builders, it can be hard to know which materials live up to these performance standards while still facilitating a smooth building process for your team.

To help you make an informed choice, here’s why professionals choose insulated concrete forms (ICFs) as a top green building material that’s simple to use and cost-effective.

Eco-friendly credentials

First, ICFs from Nudura are made of fully recyclable expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam connected with a web system that’s made of 100% recycled polypropylene and steel. This limits waste at the end of the building’s lifecycle and also on the jobsite – reducing what ends up in landfill before, during and long after installation.

In addition, ICFs’ proven resilience in the face of disaster, from wildfires to intense hurricane-level windspeeds, mean a longer lifespan for the building to minimize building materials and labor of frequent repairs. ICF walls are also resistant to mold growth and pest infestations, further reducing ongoing maintenance to the structure.

Most significantly, ICFs make buildings extremely energy efficient. A standard Nudura ICF wall, reinforced with continuous insulation inside and out, creates a tightly sealed building envelope with an overall R-value of R-24 to R-50, depending on the thickness of the chosen forms and concrete core. This means a building can maintain steady, even temperatures for longer, providing added comfort for your clients and reducing energy usage by up to 60%.

ICFs also contribute towards the LEED Standard for sustainable building.

ICF high rise construction

Cost- and time-saving superpower

The environmentally friendly features of ICFs may be impressive, but Nudura ICFs can also speed construction and cut costs to further aid contractors and builders.

That’s particularly valuable in light of ongoing labor shortages, increasingly strict building codes and higher material costs.

Nudura ICFs provide six wall elements in one product, making for a simpler installation compared to wood framing, which saves time during installation, reduces the number and skill level of the crew – and therefore labor costs – and minimizes opportunities for errors.

Nudura forms are lightweight and easy to maneuver, cut, and stack due to their four-way reversible locking system. They can also be folded flat to take up less space during transport and on the jobsite.

And, ICFs can be installed year-round. The built-in insulation helps the internal concrete cure properly and enables the interior trades to begin sooner than on a wood-frame build – so you can complete the project in less time, saving money and impressing your clients.

Reliable training and support

Nobody wants product shortages, errors or confusion on the jobsite that create delays. Even on the easiest jobsites, dependable technical support and distribution across the country always helps a contractor rest easy.

Nudura ICFs provide access to a global distribution network with fast, reliable customer service in your local area to help you keep your project moving forward on schedule. They can advise on regional and national building code compliance, custom designs, specialty installations, as well as share recommendations to maximize energy efficiency and cost savings throughout the life of the structure.

A robust online resource library and training academy will also get new crew members up to speed and provide a refresher for experienced builders. Nudura offers in-person one-day trainings for ICF installation, on-demand virtual courses, and online specifications and installation steps.

two construction workers talking in front of ICF wall

Happy, comfortable customers

Using ICFs gives customers a building they can be proud of for its sustainability and ongoing energy savings. They’ll also enjoy the year-round comfort of even indoor temperatures, peace of mind in the face of extreme weather and lower utility bills. You can be the magician that makes it all happen – while reducing costs and complications for you and your team.


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