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Farmington Library - Farmington, Illinois

  • ICF was a great fit for this project, as it offered a continuous, highly efficient thermal envelope, and also offered the benefit of a rigid structure and great sound absorption, to keep exterior sound outside of the library
  • The most unique areas were the rake walls and the clock tower souring to 25’ above the finished floor
  • Along with that two massive 2’x2’x20’ high pilasters designed into the west wall for added wind resistive capabilities

Project Stats

Location: Farmington, Illinois
Type: Commercial Library
Size: 9,033 gross sq ft.
ICF Use: 8,064 sq ft.
Cost: $2,042,204
Total Construction: 395 Days
ICF Installation Time: 38 Days

Construction Team

Owner: Shane Howard
General Contractor: Bill Bishop
Form Distributor: Chad Johnson
ICF Installer: Bill Bishop
Architect: Mark Misselhorn
ICF System: Nudura Inc.

  • Project Profile PDF


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