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FinishWorks Plant Facility - Berlin, Ohio

  • When planning began for the construction of a new manufacturing plant, the goal was a durable structure that could withstand the extreme weather conditions of the upper Midwest and could accommodate the space requirements of the factory equipment while also allowing for sound deadening on the office portion of the building.
  • Nudura ICF produces an even concrete pour that leaves the wall flat and smooth.
  • “Energy savings, speed of construction and structural value were the main benefits that the design team focused on when considering Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF),” says Greg Benedict, Regional Sales Manager for Nudura.
  • ICF combines technology of 7 building elements into one solution: structural reinforced concrete, continuous air barrier, continuous insulation, vapor barrier, fire stopping, and interior and exterior attachment points.
  • ICF is designed to provide greater impact resistance and withstand winds up to 250 mph. And the double-foam insulated forms serve as effective sound barriers with three times more sound resistance than a typical wood-framed wall.
  • While ICF is a foundational solution and NewBrick is an exterior cladding solution, the combination results in superior stability, higher R value, and double sound deadening capabilities.

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