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First Baptist Church - Marble Falls, Texas

  • The design of this structure consisted of the installation of metal structure within the ICF envelope
  • The ICF was incorporated throughout the entire building envelope, including the gables and contributing greatly to the overall energy performance of the church
  • The sound protection provided by the ICF was notably apparent during the Summer Boat Races that occurred, although they are heard from miles they were unheard from inside the church due to soundproofing walls.

Project Stats

Location: Marble Falls, Texas
Type: Heavy Commercial
Size: 65,000 sq ft.
ICF Use: 43,000 sq ft.
Cost: $10,000,000
Total Construction: 450 Days
ICF Installation Time: 120 Days

Construction Team

Owner: First Baptist Church of Marble Falls
General Contractor: Undisclosed
Form Distributor: Cameron Ware
ICF Installer: Mike Pilley
Architect: RVK Architects
ICF System: Nudura Inc.

  • Project Profile PDF


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