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Snyder Residence - Possum Kingdom, Texas

  • The incorporation of ICF along with a carefully sealed attic and quality doors and windows are synergistic in this sustainable design leading to significantly lower energy bills than neighboring houses of the same size.
  • One of the biggest reasons why the homeowners chose to go with ICF if the energy efficiency.
  • This project undertook a very extreme wildfire that surrounded the house just after completion. While returning to the house after the fire subsided they found all exterior landscaping burned and damaged, but inside was no trace of smoke and no change in temperature.


Location: Possum Kingdom, Texas
Type: Small Residential
Size: Undisclosed
ICF Use:3,100 sq ft
Cost: Undisclosed
Total Construction:200 Days
ICF Installation Time:10 Days


Owner: Mel & Brenda Snyder
General Contractor: Mel & Brenda Snyder
Form Distributor: Cameron Ware
ICF Installer: Double Eagle Builders, LLC
ICF System: Nudura Inc


  • Project Profile PDF


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