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December 19, 2023
What does an ICF house look like during construction?

Most of us are familiar with what a wood-frame house looks like while it is being built, but what about a concrete home or one constructed using concrete wall forms? Insulated concrete forms, or ICFs, are hollow, stay-in-place forms that hold poured concrete. Once cured, ICF systems create solid, monolithic concrete walls with continuous interior and exterior insulation.

So what does this unique method of construction mean for the property throughout the ICF project? Check out these photos of an ICF home as it comes together during the build.

Morris Home, Colorado

This home in Superior, Colorado was constructed with ICF blocks after a wildfire devastated the sub-division and destroyed all of the existing wood-frame houses. The Morris family chose ICF construction for their rebuild to ensure they have a safe, resilient home that can withstand extreme weather and is fire-resistant. Here is the ICF house throughout the progress of the insulated concrete form construction. 


1. In this photo, you can see the ICF foundation shortly after the concrete pour.

icf foundation

2. The first two rows of insulated concrete forms have been stacked.

ICF walls are stacked

3. The window and door openings have been installed and the ICF walls have been reinforced and filled with concrete. 

concrete wall forms of icf house

4. The exterior wall assembly with the insulating concrete forms are complete and ready for the roof tie-in. 

ICF home and roof

5. This photo shows the roof, windows, and doors have been installed. In addition, the siding, awnings, and other architectural details have been added to the insulated concrete form home. 

completed ICF home

Did you know virtually any exterior finish can be used on an ICF building? Learn more about the process of constructing your new home with insulated concrete forms by visiting our webpage made just for homeowners!


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