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The Waverly - Langford, British Columbia

  • 100% of the exterior walls for living space is ICF construction which allows for greater energy efficiency for the people living there
  • This type of construction is far superior with regards to sound ratings when compared to wood frame buildings which is huge consideration when people are living in a multi-story building
  • The mass walls leave very little opportunity for moisture to penetrate and if it does, will do relitively little damage when compared to a wood frame

Project Stats

Location: Langford, British Columbia
Type: Commercial Multi-Story
Size: 35,500 sq ft.
ICF Use: 35,500 sq ft.
Cost: $7,500,000
Total Construction: 14 Months
ICF Installation Time: 5 Months

Construction Team

Owner: Malcolm Hall
General Contractor: Malcolm Hall
Form Distributor: Rob Voros
ICF Installer: Malcolm Hall
Architect: Bob Rocheleau
ICF System: Nudura Inc.

  • Project Profile PDF


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