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Washington Street Office - Rochester, New Hampshire

  • ICF was used for the full exterior from 11’ below grade to the parapet 1’ above the roof
  • The average heating (natural gas) cost for June1, 2014 to May 31, 2015 was $431 for a 27,100 square foot building
  • The EIFS was also used for the 36” base that simulates 8”x24” cut stone
  • Using ICF for the stairwells and elevator shaft saved more than 30% over CMU (cement block) construction
  • All exterior walls were 6” core ICF

Project Stats

Location: Rochester, New Hampshire
Type: Commercial
Size: 27,100 sq ft.
ICF Use: 20,400 sq ft.
Cost: $2,700,000
Total Construction: 260 Days
ICF Installation Time: 56 Days

Construction Team

Owner: Fenton Groen
General Contractor: Groen Builders, Inc
Form Distributor: Jeff White
ICF Installer: Groen Builders, Inc
Architect: Groen Builders, Inc
ICF System: Nudura Inc.

  • Project Profile PDF


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