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Efficiency of Build: Can it Become a Common Thread in Construction?

by NUDURA Blogger | May 16, 2016

Almost any architect or contractor we speak with is looking to build with products that enhance cost, efficiency, ease of installation and safety. It’s the combination of all those factors that is truly the sweet spot for construction.DSC_8940

Of those factors, it’s efficiency that is often the most difficult to define. At NUDURA, we like to speak in terms of efficiency of build – an area where ICFs can easily outperform stick built structures. For example, ICFs address the structure for the building; fastening for interior and exterior finishes with webs that cross the ICF system; insulation for both sides; an air barrier and a paper barrier – all in one shot. With stick built construction, each of those areas must be applied separately.


The result is phenomenal cost savings from an installation standpoint. Simply comparing the costs of man-hours per square foot is often enough to offset many of the upfront costs associated with ICF construction. For the asset owner, these labor savings are coupled with the energy-efficiency benefits of ICFs, again decreasing the time it takes to realize cost savings. Even better, we’re seeing continued adoption of ICF construction across commercial and residential construction, proof that this building technology is primed for continued steady growth in the years to come.

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